End of Year Liturgy

Another academic year draws to a close, meaning of course, it came the time to reflect on the year that passed with a liturgy organised and delivered by Cardinal Newman’s Chaplain, Jane Porter. The theme was one of thanks, for the year that had passed, and excitement, at the nearing responsibilities of year 13. It concluded with an activity which helped show appreciation to one another by writing a card of thanks to whoever you felt deserved it. On such a note we thank Jane for her aid in all in liturgies and assemblies. This was also Mrs. Hickman’s final Liturgy and in spirit of the assembly we thank her greatly for her committed and long lasting service to the school and college of Cardinal Newman.

Buckingham University Careers in Law Conference

Law students were treated to a brilliant day at Buckingham university on the 18th of July. They were first welcomed with cakes and pastries which then led to an informative talk by Dr. James Slater, an experienced solicitor, in the life of a solicitor. They also were treated to talks by a Judge and Mr. Peter Marcus on the life of a barrister. The day ended with a rare responsibly of hearing a case as if you were the jury in a recreation of a  real court trial. A thoroughly enjoyed day for all Law students.

Law Trip To The Old Bailey

The law students got to experience the justice system first-hand. They got to witness a trial  and attended a talk about pathways into law. This allowed them to view their learning in a practical sense. The dinner was three courses and was reported to be exquisite.

Newman Day Awards 2018

On the 10th July the whole school celebrated the Newman awards ceremony in which the high achievement and contribution of specific students is recognised at the end of the academic year. Each year a total of 13 awards are given of which 11 are applicable to students in both Year 12 and 13. We congratulate the following pupils for their respective awards;

The St Francis of Assisi award for overall contribution to school life;

Benedict Lewis 12 St Helena

Anastasia Christodoulou 13 St Catherine

The St Vincent de Paul award for Community Service;

Louis Campbell 12 St Louis

Usman Ahmed 13 St Helena

The Teresia Benedicta Award for Outstanding achievement;

Kurias Paul 12 St Louis

David Asamoah 13 St Helena

The St john Ogilivy Award for academic endeavour in the face of Adversity;

Emma Arrindell 12 St Helena

Uzoma Echefu 13 St Catherine

The St Albert Magnus Award – Specialist Science College Award

Sophie Maddock 12 St Helena

Ellen Clancy 13 St George

The St Therese of Lisieux award for contribution to the spiritual life of the school;

Benedict Lewis 12 St Helena

Jessica Moncy 13 St George

The St Catherine of Siena Award fir contribution to the life of the church;

Jessica Ocran 12 St Lewis

Isabelle Lapore 13 St Catherine

The blessed John Henry Newman – ‘Pride of Newman Award’

Amy Sutton 12 St Patrick

Vincent Masterson 13 St Michael

The Jan Woollaston Award;

Elliot Elevique 12 St Catherine

Molly stock 13 St Catherine

The Patsy barker Award;

Zinal Patel 12 St Catherine

Klaudia Troz 13 St Patrick

The Bill Davies award;

Aswa Khan 12 St Michael

Liam Jarvis 13 St George






Alternative Sports Day 2018

Alternative Sports Day is Newman Sixth’s way of celebrating exercise without breaking too much of a sweat. Instead of the usual events of a sports day we had the classics:
– The bean bag on the head race
– Egg and spoon race
-Space hopper race
-Three-legged race

The day was very fun and everyone was included in playing the games. Boys vs. girls in the rounders was very well contested and the intensity was only increased with some questionable calls from the umpire. The fantastic day was topped off with the lads relay team coming 1st in the final race of the day#

UCAS Convention 2018

On Friday the 29th of June, Year 12 took part in the annual UCAS convention held at the University of Bedfordshire’s Bedford campus. This event acted as a great opportunity for students to speak to Universities that they may apply for in year 13 and to pick up any prospectuses and course information by university representatives. The event also acted to allow students to attend subject specific talks ranging from Psychology to Medicine which can help students make their decision regarding what course to study at University.The convention also allowed students to speak to Universities that may be too far for them to attend any open days. This may widen their range of choices of which university to study at.

Furthermore, the event also allowed those students interested in degree apprenticeships to view the range of options available to them. With a range of employers present from industries such as Media and the NHS.

Overall, students found the day very helpful and informative in preparation for their applications to university or apprenticeships for the future.

Media Studies Trip: Oaklands College

In early June the media students in year 12 were invited to attend a day of filming and exploring future studies in media. The students were greeted with a talk on apprenticeships and then put in a class with one of the colleges teachers. The students were then given the task of creating a short chase scene and they split into two different groups to complete the task. Each group was given equipment that was state of the art and they set about using the full college premises to shoot their scene however they wanted. After an hour their time was up and all the footage was given to some of the current students studying media at Oaklands to edit and finish. It was an fun day that gave students the opportunity to see what it would be like to work in the media industry. Big thanks to the college for giving students that opportunity as well as offering dinner tokens that the students could use to get food if they wished.


The Sixth Form annual boat pary was held just before the May half term. The night was enjoyed by staff and students alike and the food provided on board was delicious. The DJs were also great with people dancing and singing all night long. Roll on next year.

Problem Solving Conference

Another great trip for Year 12’s A level maths students. Led by Mr Fanyo on Thursday 14th June.

The day started in the large lecture theatres of Bedford’s campus. Where we were met with Jaffa cakes and maths problems, an acquired taste, but quickly broke off into more concentrated groups. This was a brilliant opportunity to engage with students from all around the county. We were met with a series of Maths problems which stretched our formal concepts of maths by introducing us to Fermi estimation. This is a way of using approximations to answer questions such as “How many baths could you fill with the amount of water you drink in a lifetime?”.

The students of Newman Sixth Form were looked after to the highest degree with many refreshments and a £5 voucher in the canteen, to their delight. This was then concluded with a mass gathering in the lecture hall where we enlightened with multiple techniques we could apply in our exams.

In all it was a very fun, but importantly, useful day for Newman’s Math’s students.


EPQ Presentations 2018

The Extended Project Qualification (EPQ) allows students with a particular interest in a certain field or area, to pursue that interest further through conducting a 5000 word research project.  Moreover, it allows students to wider their field of interest beyond their A level syllabus. This may explain why universities are increasingly viewing the EPQ with great optimism as it demonstrates a students ability to think critically and research a topic that interests them; all required abilities for success at University. Completing the EPQ has also meant that Universities may now reduce their entry requirements which demonstrates the value that the qualification has.

A key component of the EPQ is that in addition to the 5000 word write up is a presentation to their fellow peers which brings all their research together. It also allows fellow peers and senior teachers perhaps gain further insight into an issue that the student is interested in.

This years cohort of students were as followed:

Eric Twigg ; “Obama, hope we can”

Ellie-May Cole ; “How justified is it to say that schizophrenic offenders should be punished rather than receive psychiatric treatment?”

Bridget Bonsi ; “Investigating the effects and treatment of Type 2 Diabetes in a Developed and Developing country – UK and Ghana”

Julia Lenkiewicz ; “Why has the treatment of Glioblastoma Multiforme proven so challenging and what path should medicine follow to resolve this?”

Ibtisam Wagar ; “To compare the efficacy of synthetic and biologic DMARDS in the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis”.

Gauri Kaushal ; “Did the Indian economy decline in the years 1757 – 1949 and what role did Britain have in this?”

Both the Centre supervisor and coordinator were very impressed by the level of effort that went in to the presentations.

We wish all the Students who took part the best for the future!