Problem Solving Conference

Another great trip for Year 12’s A level maths students. Led by Mr Fanyo on Thursday 14th June.

The day started in the large lecture theatres of Bedford’s campus. Where we were met with Jaffa cakes and maths problems, an acquired taste, but quickly broke off into more concentrated groups. This was a brilliant opportunity to engage with students from all around the county. We were met with a series of Maths problems which stretched our formal concepts of maths by introducing us to Fermi estimation. This is a way of using approximations to answer questions such as “How many baths could you fill with the amount of water you drink in a lifetime?”.

The students of Newman Sixth Form were looked after to the highest degree with many refreshments and a £5 voucher in the canteen, to their delight. This was then concluded with a mass gathering in the lecture hall where we enlightened with multiple techniques we could apply in our exams.

In all it was a very fun, but importantly, useful day for Newman’s Math’s students.


EPQ Presentations 2018

The Extended Project Qualification (EPQ) allows students with a particular interest in a certain field or area, to pursue that interest further through conducting a 5000 word research project.  Moreover, it allows students to wider their field of interest beyond their A level syllabus. This may explain why universities are increasingly viewing the EPQ with great optimism as it demonstrates a students ability to think critically and research a topic that interests them; all required abilities for success at University. Completing the EPQ has also meant that Universities may now reduce their entry requirements which demonstrates the value that the qualification has.

A key component of the EPQ is that in addition to the 5000 word write up is a presentation to their fellow peers which brings all their research together. It also allows fellow peers and senior teachers perhaps gain further insight into an issue that the student is interested in.

This years cohort of students were as followed:

Eric Twigg ; “Obama, hope we can”

Ellie-May Cole ; “How justified is it to say that schizophrenic offenders should be punished rather than receive psychiatric treatment?”

Bridget Bonsi ; “Investigating the effects and treatment of Type 2 Diabetes in a Developed and Developing country – UK and Ghana”

Julia Lenkiewicz ; “Why has the treatment of Glioblastoma Multiforme proven so challenging and what path should medicine follow to resolve this?”

Ibtisam Wagar ; “To compare the efficacy of synthetic and biologic DMARDS in the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis”.

Gauri Kaushal ; “Did the Indian economy decline in the years 1757 – 1949 and what role did Britain have in this?”

Both the Centre supervisor and coordinator were very impressed by the level of effort that went in to the presentations.

We wish all the Students who took part the best for the future!



Catenian Dinner


Last Wednesday, two members of the sixth form, Alex and Sam(pictured to left), had the privilege to attend a meeting with the Catenians. The Catenians are the Catholic version of the Three Masons.  These lucky students got to join in a circle meeting and explore what societies are all about. As well as getting a great insite into the organisation, after dinner they gave speeches on ‘Should We Have Left The EU?’ and ‘Is Technology Killing Conversation?’. They both gave incredibly exciting speeches both full of colour and personality.

Our students gained a lot from this experience and really enjoyed the experience as they will tell you:

Sam Tenny: “A real honour and valuable experience. I thoroughly enjoyed speaking at the dinner and thank the Catenians for hosting Alex and I, we hope to speak again there soon.”

Alex Potter: “A truly riveting experience. It was a really unique, once in a lifetime experience. The hosts were really polite and welcoming and would recommend for others to seek a similar experience.”

They were a real credit to Newman and we are proud to have them as our students.

EPQ Presentations

Today saw the culmination of a great deal of hard work for 5 Year 13 students. They have been tirelessly working on their EPQ – Extended Project Qualification. This is the equivalent of half an A level in terms of UCAS points. Universities increasingly favour the EPQ and make reduced offers when students complete the EPQ. It is recognised as a qualification which combines individual research skills with literacy, referencing and presentational skills. It gives students an insight in to what research would be like at university. It is not for the faint hearted! A 5,000 word write up is required as well as presenting the project to an audience.

This year the cohort involved the following:

Precious Gestopa – researching antibiotics

Ryan McDermott – researching closed cockpit in Formula 1

Chloe Harrop – Who was to blame for the Raza Plaza Collapse?

Naeem Ahmed – The differences between medical care in an LEDC, like Bangladesh, compared to the UK – an example of an MEDC

Raymond Effah – Researching into the awareness of depression in adolescents.

Both the Supervisor and the Co-ordinator were blown away by the high quality witnessed today.