GCSE to A’ Level Transition work

Completing the transition tasks are an ‘entry requirement’ for our Sixth Form. One task should be completed for each subject that you are hoping to pursue at A Level from September, so a minimum of 3 transition tasks should be completed over the summer. The tasks should be completed and handed in to your subject teachers during your first lesson; lessons start on Monday 10th September. The transition tasks apply directly to the specifications that you will be learning at A-Level and so it is invaluable that you complete them to the best of your ability. They will also help subject teachers determine the suitability of students to the courses they have chosen. Those that do not complete the transition tasks or complete them to a satisfactory standard will be involved in conversations with their tutor, parents and the Head of Sixth Form regarding their work ethic and place at our Sixth Form. We hope that you enjoy the tasks our A-Level teachers have created for you and have a restful summer break.

Transition Task Accounting

Transition Task Art

Transition Task Biology

Transition Task BTEC IT

Transition Task Business A Level

Transition Task Chemistry

Transition Task Computer Science

Transition Task Drama & Theatre Studies

Transition Task Economics

Transition Task English Literature

Transition Task Further Maths

Transition Task- Geog- wider reading 1

Transition Task- Geog- wider reading 2

Transition Task Geography

Transition Task Health and Social

Transition Task- History reading 1

Transition Task- History reading 2

Transition Task History

Transition Task Law

Transition Task LIBF Finance

Transition Task Maths

Transition Task Media Studies

Transition Task OCR Business Technical Diploma

Transition Task Physics

Transition Task Psychology

Transition Task Religious Studies

Transition Task- RS- wider reading 1

Transition Task- RS- wider reading 2

Transition Task Sociology