Full details can be found below which hopefully covers the most frequently asked questions:

We have been given the following important information about bus tickets for the school buses (i.e. those buses beginning with an 8 – 801, 817, 823 etc.

  1. Please see the attachment below for the new Arriva timetables which show times and stops from September. 
  2. From September 2021 you will need to buy the Cardinal Newman ticket if you want to travel on the school buses. Any other ticket you buy will not be valid on the school buses.  (be careful because the Luton and Dunstable ticket is cheaper but it will not be valid on the school buses). 
  3. You can still buy a single journey ticket on the school bus as usual. 
  4. The Cardinal Newman ticket will be valid after school and at weekends, as usual, on any Arriva Luton and Dunstable bus. 
  5. The weekly ticket for the school bus is £15.00.  Monthly and termly tickets are slightly cheaper but you still have to get the Cardinal Newman tickets.

Single £2
Return £3.50
Weekly £15.00
4-weekly £50.00
Term 1 £185
Term 2 £160
Term 3 £160
Academic Year £465

 Arriva School Buses – September 2021

Please find attached the updated bus route, timetable and ticketing information for the Arriva School buses for September 2021.  Please note you will need to purchase a Cardinal Newman School bus ticket to be able to use any of our school buses.

The only change to the buses in September is that the 800 Coach (as opposed to the 800 Bus!) has been renamed the “810”.  It will follow the same route as the former 800 coach.  There are also some minor changes to the timings on each route – so please do check the attached timetable carefully.

Please note, although the Government has lifted many of the restrictions and requirements regarding Track and Trace, we will still need to keep a record of who is travelling on each school bus every day.  We are therefore asking all students to remain using their one nominated School bus in September. We have also been informed by the DFE that students will also still be required to wear face coverings on the School buses from September.

If you have any queries regarding your child’s allocated bus please email gmcevoy@cardinalnewmanschool.net

Yours sincerely

Mrs M L Chappell

Deputy Headteacher

Passenger Transport Unit

Central Depot, Kingsway, Luton, Beds, LU4 8AU

Tel: 01582 547219


Please contact Arriva 0344 800 44 11 with regards to:

  • Bus tickets – weekly and daily
  • Lost property on buses

Bus timings subject to change. For the most accurate information search ‘Cardinal Newman’ on the Arriva website.