Study Leave for Year 12s

This year, students will require study leave due to some of the subjects having their exams this year. As the majority of the exams are taking place on the week beginning Monday 15th May, ALL YEAR 12s will need to take a study leave in the week before (Monday 8th May – Friday 19th May)

So, these subjects all have exams :

 Accounting – 16th May & 19th May.

Maths – 17th May, 24th May & 7th June.

Law – 16th May & 19th May.

Media – 18th May

Applied Business – 26th May.

ICT – tbc Internal 10 hours

H&SC – 17th May & 24th May.

Those of you who do not have any exams, your teacher will either

a ) Give you work to do at home – e.g. project work or preparation for summer exams

b) survey the class to see who has exams and if all the class do not have exams, then they may choose to continue to teach you so you will have to come in.