At Newman 6th, we ensure that each student is supported at not only during their time here but also for when they leave us such as applying to university, undertaking apprenticeships and work experience or pursuing full-time employment. Our students have successfully gained places at top universities and have obtained apprenticeships in areas such as accounting and finance.

A great focus on those students who are inclined towards attending university post-18 is to prepare them for the rigorous application process that takes place in the beginning of their second year, especially for reputable universities such as the Russell Group’s.

This group is a collection of 24 universities in the UK that are renowned for the quality of their research. They are also characterised by outstanding teaching standards and are set up to have good links with businesses and the public sector.

Our students work with world-class experts, use first-rate libraries and facilities, are part of a highly motivated and talented peer group and often engage with cutting-edge research.
Graduate recruiters rank ten Russell Group universities in the top 30 universities worldwide, and Russell Group graduates typically receive a 10% salary ‘top-up’ over others. Why? Because the combination of teaching and research excellence creates the ideal learning environment which produces ‘work-ready’ graduates.
Providing a world-class student experience is a top priority for us and our universities have higher than average student satisfaction and the lower than average drop-out rates.
Wendy Piatt | Director General Of The Russell Group

There are currently 24 universities belonging to the Russell Group:
• University of Birmingham
• University of Bristol
• University of Cambridge
• Cardiff University
• Durham University
• University of Edinburgh
• University of Exeter
• University of Glasgow
• Imperial College London
• King’s College London
• University of Leeds
• University of Liverpool
• London School of Economics & Political Science
• University of Manchester
• Newcastle University
• University of Nottingham
• University of Oxford
• Queen Mary, University of London
• Queen’s University Belfast
• University of Sheffield
• University of Southampton
• University College London
• University of Warwick
• University of York

Click here for the Russell Group webpage for more details.

We also aim to support every student who wishes to apply for Cambridge and Oxford through application help, interview practice and fortnightly meetings with the ‘Oxbridge group’.

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At Newman we have a dedicated member of our team, Ms Palmiero who offers careers education, information, advice and guidance to students who wish to discuss their options post-sixth form. This includes:

  • CV Advice
  • Apprenticeship applications
  • Employment
  • Interview practice and advice
  • Meeting with employers, to ensure that she has the most up-to-date information on the job market.
  • Organise lectures to come into school
  • Organise the in-house careers fair.
  • Trips to apprenticeship fairs

As well as conventions, Ms Palmiero arranges trips to universities as well as residentials. Recent examples include an engineering residential at Imperial College London and a Medilink residential which were both paid for by the college.

Ms Palmiero also offers advice with Higher National Certificates (HNC) and Higher National Diplomas (HND) as an alternative to the standard university route.

Year 13 students currently in the process of applying for apprenticeships are also being aided in preparing for this process.

Students took part in a voice coaching workshop (facilitated by Pippa Wilson; a voice coach specialist)  for the video interviews and face to face interviews which occur during the apprenticeships application process.

Students were asked to focus on their breath and consider the pace, tone, volume, speed of their voices and how focusing on your breath can make a positive impact on the way you present yourself with the words you use, as well as considering posture and how this affects your voice and also how this may come across to the interviewer.

Here is feedback from a student who attended:

What worked well?
The structure was pretty good, technique first and then practice after.
What did you learn about yourself?
Can rush and ramble in interviews, or stumble over some words, “vocabulary”.
How prepared to do feel about video and Face to Face interviews now? Please explain in some details.
Quite a lot more in fairness, the theory was quite “obvious” but still not something that I would think to do. The practice interview showed me that I go into autopilot and do really need to take time to consider my posture, words etc.
The guide for setting up video interviews was also very helpful.
What else would help you to feel more prepared in applying for apprenticeships?
More talk on steps after the video interviews such as assessment centres.


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To ensure that pupils make fully informed decisions regarding their post-18 destinations, we ensure that they have access to the Unifrog system. Such a service allows students to view university and apprenticeship courses and create ‘shortlists’.

The service also helps students write their personal statement to ensure they maximise their chances of getting into the university that they wish to attend. Unifrog also ensures that students can receive online feedback on their personal statement from their ALPS mentor throughout the application period.

To access please log-in with the link below: