Below presents the A-Level and BTEC courses and their entry requirements avaliable for 2020-21 applicants, in which they must choose a minimum of 3 courses that they then study for 2 years.

It is important to choose the subjects that students have a passion for, that they can excel in and has a link to their chosen career path, if they know what they want to be already.

All Universities and Apprenticeships require 3 A-Level courses or equivalent to BTEC L3.


In order to study A-Levels you must at least have 5 GCSEs at Levels 5-9 with a minimum of Level 4 in English, Maths & Science (unless specified otherwise below)

Students must choose 3 courses from the following:

Subject Exam Board GCSE Maths GCSE English (either) Additional requrements
Accounting AQA 5
Art & Design (Fine Art) OCR Must have studied Art (5)
Biology OCR 6 Biology (6) or Science (66)
Business Studies AQA 5
Chemistry * OCR 6 Chemistry (6) or Science (66)
Computer Science OCR 6 5 Computer Science optional (5)
Drama & Theatre Studies AQA 5 Must have studied Drama (5)
Economics AQA 6 5
English Language AQA 6
English Literature EDUQAS 6
French EDEXCEL Must have studied French (6)
Geography AQA 5 5
History EDEXCEL 5
Law AQA 5
Mathematics* EDEXCEL 6
Further Maths EDEXCEL 7
Media Studies EDUQAS 5
Physics OCR 6 Physics (6) or Science (66)
Psychology AQA 5 Science (5)
Ethics and Philosophy OCR 5
Sociology AQA 5
4th subject: Core Maths (studied in Yr 12, equivalent to half an A Level) EDEXCEL Must be studied with Sciences, IF Mathematics not already taken as an A-Level. 

STRONG ADVISORY that this is also studied with Psychology, Geography, Economics & Accounting

4th subject: EPQ (studied in Yr 12, equivalent to half an A Level) AQA Willingness to commit time to independent extended project.

* If achieved a 6 at GCSE, applicants must then do an entry test on enrolment day to confirm a place on this course.


To study BTEC L3 Courses you must have at least 4 GCSEs at Levels 4-9 with a minimum of Level 3 in English, Maths & Science (unless specified below).

Students must choose a combination of 2 courses from the two lists below:

Subject Exam Board Additional requirements
Equivalent to 2 courses/ 2 A-Levels
L3 Cambridge Technical Diploma in Applied Business OCR
L3 Cambridge Technical Diploma in Health & Social Care OCR
L3 National Diploma in Applied Science EDEXCEL English (4), Maths (4) & Science (44)
Equivalent to 1 course/ 1 A-Level
BTEC National Extended Certificate in ICT EDEXCEL
LIBF Certificate in Financial Studies LIBF
L3 Extended Certificate in Psychology EDEXCEL English (4) & Science (4)
BTEC L3 Extended Certificate in Sport PEARSONS
Note: all course information might be subject to change.