The Newman Sixth Form Chamber is an independent student body whose aim is to further the academic success and social life of the students attending Newman. The Chamber is a democratic and open forum that allows students to share their views and in turn make decisions that will affect the daily running and future course of Newman Sixth Form.

The Chamber is going to be run by the Sixth Form Presidents, where they shall decide when and how the student body will come together and meet.

The Presidents will then share feedback ideas discussed and decisions made in the Chamber to Miss Blackbird (Head of the Sixth Form) once a month. Sometimes Miss Blackbird shall ask the Chamber to vote on decisions such as Christmas events like the Sixth Form-run Bazaar & Ice Skating, the Year 13 Leavers’ Party and much more.

Our newly appointed students for 2021/22 are:

  • Sadiyya Khan
  • Agrata Palaty
  • Cartier Downer
  • Charlie Oduor
  • Davina Agyemang
  • Dennis IDI
  • Emily Sheehan-Corrigan
  • Katie Connolly
  • Leah Sullivan 
  • Natalia Januszewska
  • Nicholas Bale
  • Olaf Mlonek
  • Ronald Willmott
  • Tracey Bonsu
  • These 14 students will lead the Newman Sixth Form Chamber which will meet every Week 2 Tuesday Period 1, so you can email them with any concerns or ideas which you would like to be raised. These concerns and ideas will then be presented to Miss Blackbird for further action or implementation.