Mathematics Society

The Mathematics Society aims to improve both mathematical perception and understanding at all levels in the Sixth Form – That means that everyone from those studying Core Maths, all the way up to the people going for Cambridge can benefit. Furthermore, we provide much-needed support for a variety of Admissions Tests and other examinations such as BMAT, STEP, CTMUA, UKMT BMO etc. The activities of the society are mostly on Microsoft Teams with some possible in-person events, but there are some extra opportunities for those who are interested.

General Benefits

The society provides many benefits for the casual mathematician (i.e. Those who just want good grades). Some of the benefits are:

  • Easy communication with the rest of the Sixth Form. For Example, it is very easy for a Year 12 to talk to a Year 13 about 2nd Year Content
  • Sections to get assistance for any homework or topics you may be struggling with
  • Online Textbooks and extensive extra revision resources all in one place
    • Over 2.5GB of resources for you to take advantage of
  • Get rewards at End-of-Term assemblies for participation and assisting others
  • Educational Videos to help you get a better understanding of the real-world applications of the content you learn in school
  • Maths Challenges to help you consolidate and improve your understanding of content
  • A place to chat with the rest of your year group after exams to potentially create an “unofficial mark scheme”

University Admissions

The society provides a number of services to help you improve in a variety of different Admissions Tests and non-A-level exams. For Example:

  • A ton of worksheets, books, tips and tricks etc. for numerous exams
  • Personal Statements and advice from Oxford and Cambridge themselves
  • Opportunity to easily communicate with those in Year 13 and above who have already sat the exam
  • Websites and advice to help you succeed

Some questions or concerns you may have:

That is a fantastic reason to join. The society provides tons of facilities to help you improve in Maths and should hopefully help you boost your grades. These include revision resources, challenges, and a community that is willing to help!

Here at the Maths Society, we try to change that by helping to demystify the subject. Through content such as educational videos which serves to teach you the intuition and applications behind what you learn, and challenges that reveal the game-like aspects of Maths, we try to give you a new appreciation for the subject.

There is always room for improvement. The society contains resources up to the level of those competing in the British Mathematical Olympiad (i.e. best young mathematicians in the country, some of whom will then compete internationally and beyond the standards of even Cambridge). So unless you are already an international champion, there is still something for you to gain here.

Plus, we provide rewards for those who participate in challenges and help others with their work. Your skill at Maths should make acquiring points easy; making it much more likely that you will win the End-of-Term reward.

Microsoft Teams provides lots of opportunities for communication and file sharing which has the benefit of being accessible from school. However, there is another extension platform that you will find out about once you sign up…

The Application should take no longer than 20 seconds. Within a couple of days of completion, an invite link to the Teams will be emailed to you by either the President or Secretary. Only the President and the Secretary can see your details.

President: TBC

Secretary: TBC

Lead Teacher: Mr Fanyo & Mrs Streater

Est: 2020-21 Academic Year by Michael Osei-George