If you have any enquiries, then please contact us on the following:

For our Head of Sixth Form, Miss S Blackbird:
Email: sblackbird@cardinalnewmanschool.net
or Phone: 01582 587531

For our Careers officer, Ms R Palmiero:
Email: rpalmiero@cardinalnewmanschool.net
or Phone: 01582 587580

For any questions about revision, contact Miss E Burke:
Email: eburke@cardinalnewmanschool.net

For absences, contact Mrs Clarke:
Email: lclarke@cardinalnewmanschool.net
or Phone: 01582 587570

Further Information about attendance:
– If you are not in Sixth Form because you are unwell or there’s been an emergency you must ring or email Mrs Clarke in the morning by 8:45am with a reason.
– If you have a medical absence you must bring in a copy of your doctor/dentist/hospital letter in to Mrs Clarke to keep on file as proof of your absence.
– Leave of absence forms for known upcoming absences can also be found in Mrs Clarke’s office.
– Once absent it is then the student’s responsibility to contact their teachers to ask for any work that they have missed and need to catch up on.
– Any further questions about attendance can be forwarded to Mrs Clarke as above.