This Summer Term we are seeking a President of the Chamber. This is the highest role that a student in Newman Sixth can achieve, and so we are looking for an exceptional role model to represent and be the voice of the student body.

Job description

  1. To speak positively about experiences in the sixth form to the potential students in Year 11 assemblies at Newman and at Open Evening
  2. To chair student chamber meetings
  3. To meet and greet visitors and outside speakers
  4. To meet and greet external students who come to look around or for an interview here
  5. To support with the Year 11 Induction Days and any Year 12 enrolment days in September
  6. To help ensure events such as the Christmas Bazaar and Ball run smoothly
  7. To be responsible and helpful to the sixth form
  8. To be a positive role model throughout the college
  9. To regularly check emails and notices so that you are the port of call for all messages and events

Why do it?

  • Gain positive experiences
  • Forge positive relationships with all staff
  • Gain confidence and build on your skills for presentations and communications
  • Gain and improve your social skills
  • It looks great on your personal statement when applying to university, an apprenticeship or a job
  • It will help your mentor to write highly of you in the teacher reference whilst applying to university, an apprenticeship or a job

How to apply

Write half a side of A4 typed, font size 12, outlining your strengths and saying what you would bring to this role.

The letter can draw upon past experiences, and should also explain how you would like to make a positive impact on Newman Sixth. The quality of the letter will contribute to the decision.

This is an important role, so please only apply if you are serious about wanting to take the role on.

Applications should be sent to Miss Blackbird by the 28th June. Students shall be interviewed thereafter by Miss Blackbird and a member of the Senior Leadership Team.

Good luck to all applicants!

Applications for Student Chamber President now open!