4 Year 12 girls (Zainab, Sumayyah, Hafsah and Samira) teamed up with Crisis Aid and organised several charity fundraising events at our Sixth Form to help those in need in Gaza, Palestine. All the money raised across all the events was used to provide:

  • Emergency Shelter (Tents, Mattresses, Blankets and Clothing)
  • Emergency Medical Aid
  • Food
  • Water

A fundraising target of £1000 was set and at first it seemed like it wasn’t going to be achievable. However through a week scheduled full of various different charity events that the girls organised, such as a Bake Sale, ice-lollies and drinks sale, a teacher’s raffle, a teacher’s car wash and a wear red day and through the masses of support from Cardinal Newman’s Staff and Students they not only managed to achieve their fundraising target but they managed to exceed their by 90%!! They raised £1964 in total for the Gaza Emergency Appeal.

Gaza Emergency Appeal Fundraising

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