Current Year 13 students are in the process of applying for apprenticeships so in order to help students prepare, a voice coaching workshop was arranged in order to support and advise them on these important processes.

The workshop was on Monday 27th January where students took part in a voice coaching workshop (facilitated by Pippa Wilson; a voice coach specialist) to advise them on how to prepare for the video interviews and face to face interviews as part of applying to apprenticeships.

Students were asked to focus on their breath and consider the pace, tone, volume, speed of their voices and how focusing on your breath can make a positive impact on the way you present yourself with the words you use, as well as considering posture and how this effects your voice and also how this may come across to an employer who is interviewing.

Here is feedback from a student who attended.

What worked well?
The structure was pretty good, technique first and then practice after.
What did you learn about yourself?
Can rush and ramble in interviews, or stumble over some words, “vocabulary”.
How prepared to do feel about video and Face to Face interviews now? Please explain in some details.
– Quite a lot more in fairness, the theory was quite “obvious” but still not something that I would think to do. The practice interview showed me that I go into autopilot and do really need to take time to consider my posture, words etc.
– The guide for setting up video interviews was also very helpful.
Even better if?
– It was more time productive, in the last 80 mins only 8 or so people got a chance to be interviewed, perhaps split into smaller groups rather than so many people be an audience?
What else would help you to feel more prepared in applying for apprenticeships?
– More talk on steps after the video interviews such as assessment centres.

A mock interview is a simulation of an actual job interview. It provides you with an opportunity to practice for an interview with a career counselor or career coach, and to receive feedback and tips on improving your interviewing skills so you’ll be well equipped to handle an actual interview. The interviewer may use a semi structured interview format which provides for a more fluid conversation and time for questions

Regarding interviews, the more you practice, the better your interview skills will be and the better prepared you’ll be when it’s time for real job interviews.

Reviewing interview tips, taking the time to review possible interview questions, taking part in a mock interview, and practicing on your own or with a friend, will all help to reduce interview stress and boost your confidence.

Mock Interviews were offered to year 13’s and will take place on Friday 28th February. 

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