It is finally time to do away with signing in and out on the paper sheets by reception and time to activate your layard! To do this you must go to the monitor in reception and swipe it. Note that this can only be done in reception and must be done by Friday 7th February. After activating the card you need to swipe again to sign in.

You must sign in and out every time you enter and leave the building either by the monitor in reception or the bottom of the sixth form stairs. This system will be your only way of signing in/out from the 10th February so you must ensure you have your lanyard with you every day from that date onwards and to have it updated before then. Failure to sign in/out on a fire drill day will give you a written warning with immediate effect as it is a serious safety concern.

With that in mind, you should update your lanyard as soon as you’re able to!

Lanyard/Sign in Update

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