As part of the Year 12 PSHE programme students attended the SDSA Conference in Milton Keynes. In its 14th year it was effective as ever in sending the clear message to young new drivers, and prospective drivers that if they drive safe, they stay alive!


Here are a few soundbites from the students themselves:

“The experience was amazing, life changing and very inspirational!” Ieuan Hutton

“I think the SDSA Conference was quite morbidly jolly experience. Morbid in the fact that so much of human potential, potential futures and potential families were ruined by recklessness, selfishness and simple stupidity: the experience was jolly in the sense that any knowledge gained is quintessentially jolly as it allows all of us to move together towards a brighter future.
Safe Drive, Stay Alive “ Adrian Kochan

“Tried to scare you rather than teach you” But was a “reality check” Ken Dogan

It “put me off driving” as an accident “can happen so instantly!” Oliver Simpson

The conference was “needed” Stephanie Chafer

It was “hard hitting, but good hard hitting” Rebecca Richings

“Not what I expected” Alanna Devlin

I was most impacted by the “personal account” of the mum. When she asked us to “imagine someone close to us…I don’t wanna think about losing them” Maisie Street

It is more than evident that the experience is one that was charged, emotionally challenging and educational. We will be keen to take students every year and hope that it makes each and every one of them think twice about their behaviour as a passenger in a car or behind the wheel.

Safe Drive Stay Alive Conference 15th November

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