On Tuesday 19th November psychology students had attended a criminology conference at the Friend’s House in London. Several sessions were ran by guest speakers, who spoke on their topic of interest.

Speaker 1 addressed domestic abuse and how it is prevented. With the shocking statistics the speaker presented, it was worth noting how the government attempts to prevent abuse; running abuse shelters, introducing laws that include abusive behaviour as a criminal offence etc.

Speaker 2 talked about hate crime and the different minority groups it covers. In Greater Manchester for example, subcultures such as goths or emos may be considered a minority group following the murder of a woman for being considered gothic.

Speaker 3 spoke on her story as the Mafia Princess. She told the audience on her struggles as daughter of a mafia boss, committing crimes and knowing of serious crimes following the group. Students got to hear her reasoning behind why she had associated with the family at the time, linking to their understanding of why people commit crime.

Speaker 4 addressed the psychology of lie detection. The polygraph, shown in media and in American courts as a lie detector is not as effective as it seems, and the audience were given a chance to test out their abilities in detecting when someone is lying.

Speaker 5 talked of his experience as a bank robber and how he reformed. Going from a life sentence to reforming and now being able to go to a bank to deposit and withdraw normally was fascinating to hear.

Students had reported that overall they had enjoyed the day and getting to hear life experiences of criminals outside of textbooks and media, providing context to their studies in forensic psychology.

Criminology Conference 2019

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