1.       Parentmail is now all set up, if you or your parents did not receive an email/ text or you have any queries about this then please let Michelle Chappell know.

2.       Social 15th March– tickets are available for £5 on parentmail. We need to have sold around 70 tickets by Friday 8th March to have enough money in the kitty to pay the invoice for the venue. There are only 200 tickets available. We are now forced to limit the number available to buy in cash on the night, sorry!

3.       Boat Party 24th May! Tickets are now available on parentmail. You should be able to buy a ‘plus one’ on there too. Year 13s have until the 3rd March to give a £15 deposit, after then Yr 12 will be able to purchase theirs.

Year 12

1.       CAFOD Launch– this will be on Wednesday during periods 3 and 4. Please let me know if you want to be involved in this.

2.       Mindfulness Project– not a great turn out today, please go every week to get the full value of it. It will be next Monday P3 in G block.

3.       PSHE Wed– in tutor rooms this Wed for Mental Health tasks.

4.       Sutton Trust seminars/ workshops/ residentials- deadline this THURSDAY! Highly recommended for students who want to go to Oxbridge or Russell Group. Ask Sam Tenny for details as he did it!

5.       Ass 2 results– you will be given your results in lesson by your teachers at some point from now on. See the criteria below for the resit procedure.

Yr 12 resit criteria

Ø  Compulsory resit for any E or U grades

Ø  Resit at the discretion of the HoD for any student who is 2 grades below in their subject OR a compulsory task

Ø  Resit week is Monday 25th March during lesson time

Ø  Resit papers will be different from Ass 2

Ø  Any student who gets an E or U in 2 or more subjects will be given extra S/S starting 12th March

Year 13

1.       PSHE Wed– in Drama Studio for talk by Lee Bowling.

2.       Reminder of deadlines:

a.       Connolly Discretionary Bursary and Academic Excellence Bursary- due by Friday 8th March

b.      Engineering Bursary application- due by 10th April


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