As a sixth form, we are very lucky to be chosen by the Connolly foundation as one of their partner schools in Bedfordshire. Such a partnership has meant that Newman6th pupils have access to two higher education bursaries of £1000:

  • Discretionary Bursary

This bursary is given out by the discretion of the head of sixth form for those deemed as needing it most. All students have been contacted by email if they have been selected.

  • Academic bursary

This is conditional on the student getting a minimum of BBB in the selected range of ‘academic and traditional subjects’ which occupy two of these subject spaces. Students must start completing the application from given to them through email in order to meet the deadline disclosed by Ms Blackbird. This bursary is then paid every year of university but students must apply themselves in their second and third year.

Any questions should be sent to Ms Blackbird.

Connolly Bursary

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