On the 10th July the whole school celebrated the Newman awards ceremony in which the high achievement and contribution of specific students is recognised at the end of the academic year. Each year a total of 13 awards are given of which 11 are applicable to students in both Year 12 and 13. We congratulate the following pupils for their respective awards;

The St Francis of Assisi award for overall contribution to school life;

Benedict Lewis 12 St Helena

Anastasia Christodoulou 13 St Catherine

The St Vincent de Paul award for Community Service;

Louis Campbell 12 St Louis

Usman Ahmed 13 St Helena

The Teresia Benedicta Award for Outstanding achievement;

Kurias Paul 12 St Louis

David Asamoah 13 St Helena

The St john Ogilivy Award for academic endeavour in the face of Adversity;

Emma Arrindell 12 St Helena

Uzoma Echefu 13 St Catherine

The St Albert Magnus Award – Specialist Science College Award

Sophie Maddock 12 St Helena

Ellen Clancy 13 St George

The St Therese of Lisieux award for contribution to the spiritual life of the school;

Benedict Lewis 12 St Helena

Jessica Moncy 13 St George

The St Catherine of Siena Award fir contribution to the life of the church;

Jessica Ocran 12 St Lewis

Isabelle Lapore 13 St Catherine

The blessed John Henry Newman – ‘Pride of Newman Award’

Amy Sutton 12 St Patrick

Vincent Masterson 13 St Michael

The Jan Woollaston Award;

Elliot Elevique 12 St Catherine

Molly stock 13 St Catherine

The Patsy barker Award;

Zinal Patel 12 St Catherine

Klaudia Troz 13 St Patrick

The Bill Davies award;

Aswa Khan 12 St Michael

Liam Jarvis 13 St George






Newman Day Awards 2018

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