Another great trip for Year 12’s A level maths students. Led by Mr Fanyo on Thursday 14th June.

The day started in the large lecture theatres of Bedford’s campus. Where we were met with Jaffa cakes and maths problems, an acquired taste, but quickly broke off into more concentrated groups. This was a brilliant opportunity to engage with students from all around the county. We were met with a series of Maths problems which stretched our formal concepts of maths by introducing us to Fermi estimation. This is a way of using approximations to answer questions such as “How many baths could you fill with the amount of water you drink in a lifetime?”.

The students of Newman Sixth Form were looked after to the highest degree with many refreshments and a £5 voucher in the canteen, to their delight. This was then concluded with a mass gathering in the lecture hall where we enlightened with multiple techniques we could apply in our exams.

In all it was a very fun, but importantly, useful day for Newman’s Math’s students.


Problem Solving Conference

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