Last Wednesday, two members of the sixth form, Alex and Sam(pictured to left), had the privilege to attend a meeting with the Catenians. The Catenians are the Catholic version of the Freemasons.  These lucky students got to join in a circle meeting and explore what societies are all about. As well as getting a great insite into the organisation, after dinner they gave speeches on ‘Should We Have Left The EU?’ and ‘Is Technology Killing Conversation?’. They both gave incredibly exciting speeches both full of colour and personality.

Our students gained a lot from this experience and really enjoyed the experience as they will tell you:

Sam Tenny: “A real honour and valuable experience. I thoroughly enjoyed speaking at the dinner and thank the Catenians for hosting Alex and I, we hope to speak again there soon.”

Alex Potter: “A truly riveting experience. It was a really unique, once in a lifetime experience. The hosts were really polite and welcoming and would recommend for others to seek a similar experience.”

They were a real credit to Newman and we are proud to have them as our students.

Catenian Dinner

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